Dental Aesthetic

Dental Aesthetic


+ - I am thinking to come from abroad to Istanbul to have a dental treatment, how is the process?

The first step is that you should reach our contact line in order to establish an online consultation, according to your case and you will have a diagnoses to know if you are a proper patient for the treatment. Then you should plan your travelling dates to Istanbul to schedule the appointment with the dentist and your itinerary in Istanbul.

+ - How should I choose my doctor?

As you know Turkey is famous about the health tourism, but you should be sure of the medical centre that you will choose. Knowing this you should take in account the following recommendations: Ask for the diplomas and professional background of your dentist, be sure that your procedure will be perform in a Certified Hospital, ask for before and after pictures of other patients and last but not least check in the social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube more about their experiences.

+ - Do I need to bring a companion with me?

No, it is not necessary to bring a companion. Usually our patients come alone and the team Dr. Can Aesthetic welcome them and is pending on their needs. We organize all the medical services and appointments, also the stance services like the accommodation and transportation since your arrival to your departure.

+ - How will be my controls?

After your surgery, you will have an appointment with our dentist which will provide you all the medicine and recommendations to have a successful recovery after the treatment and excellent results. From the moment you will be back in your country we will continue with an online follow up of your process. You will be able to contact our line at your convenience.

+ - Can I be treated abroad if any complications occur?

Many of our patients are worried that if the procedure is performed in Turkey, would they have any insurance abroad for postoperative complications. In the case of dental treatments is important to let you know that these operations are one of the complications of leaks. Emergency leak, which may occur in the first 48 hours is a kind of complication due tissue healing. During this time, you will be still in Istanbul and our medical team will take care of you.

As you can see you do not need to worry for postoperative risks, on the other hand remember that even when you are back in your country you can contact us 24/7 in our support line.

+ - How many days should I stay in Istanbul?

Before coming to Istanbul, you should contact our attention line between 2-3 weeks before your estimated dates. This will allow Dr. Can Aesthetic to check availability, schedule your appointment and plan your medical and travel itinerary. The stay in Istanbul can vary according to the treatment, nevertheless in Dr. Can Aesthetic we always recommend our patients to have between 8-10 days.



    In recent years, dental aesthetics have become one of the most popular solutions among facial rejuvenation and aesthetic procedures. Indeed, everyone prefers to have a beautiful smile with white teeth. Having an aesthetic smile is now possible thanks to modern technologies; and painless ones. To look healthier and more positive in your social circle, it is very easy to achieve perfect oral aesthetics by applying one or more treatments at the same time. Hollywood Smile is a personalized treatment recommended by dentists for the well-being of the patient by achieving a healthy and natural appearance, taking into account all kinds of physical characteristics. Here are some of the more popular methods.
    Regarding examinations, diagnoses and treatments, you can obtain information from our consultants and / or consult our dentists online.


    When it comes to dental aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is the smoothness and whiteness of the teeth. White teeth are also an indicator of health and give a natural look. The main reason people want this treatment is because their teeth have yellowed for various reasons over time, or their color is structurally close to yellow tones. Therefore, especially people whose teeth are structurally yellow, brushing or simple methods cannot make their teeth appear whiter. Teeth whitening is the most effective and permanent method for people whose teeth are yellow or turn yellow over time. This process is performed by dentists using certain chemical materials on the surface of the teeth. Teeth whitening, essential for an aesthetic smile, is a painless and non-surgical treatment.


    Another element that makes a smile appear more aesthetic is having smooth and regular teeth. Laminated veneer is a popular type of coating applied to tooth deformation or broken parts. This treatment, tailor-made for a person and their smile, is called a “porcelain laminate veneer” or “porcelain leaf”. During this treatment, the process of abrasion or filing of a person’s teeth is minimal. Despite its light permeability and thinness, it is one of the most popular treatment methods due to its robustness. We apply this treatment in cases such as:

    – Teeth having a twisted shape and structure

    – To bring balance to teeth that are not the same length and to create a more aesthetic appearance

    – Teeth with a yellowish tint

    – In cases where the middle of the two anterior teeth is spaced or if the distance between two teeth is not equal

    – When the composition of the teeth is not satisfying

    – Caries of the anterior incisors

    – In patients whose whitening does not give the desired appearance


    This is a type of coating that has long been used to provide dental aesthetics in people. In the past this application was made on the tooth after the tooth had been cut and a metal structure had been fixed. As a result of such application, the appearance could not be that of a desired natural looking tooth. In current porcelain applications, it is possible to achieve the desired healthy and natural appearance using only porcelain or zirconium.


    The application of implants is an effective method when you have lost one or more teeth. It is a technique that can replicate the natural appearance of a person’s tooth shape and structure to replace a lost tooth. Today, implants look completely natural and healthy. It is often recommended to use this prosthetic application with a zirconium coating. It is one of the most frequently chosen treatments in dental aesthetics, because it helps ensure the integrity of the teeth while removing the non-aesthetic appearance that can result from tooth loss.


    Another problem that many people complain about is that the gums appear along with the teeth when smiling. It is quite easy to change this unaesthetic aspect. Thanks to new cautery applications, we recommend this treatment, which has a very short and painless healing process for our patients. Thus, we can avoid a smile where the gums appear more than the teeth when smiling.


    It is one of the simplest short term solutions that can be applied to many problems such as unequal shape of anterior incisors, the problem of splayed teeth, structural distortions, caries, broken teeth etc… so many elements that we usually don’t want for an aesthetic smile. The most important part of this treatment is making the appropriate composite filling that will fit the person’s existing teeth in terms of shape, light transmission, color and structure. It is one of the preferred treatments for dental aesthetics in terms of simplicity of treatment and ease of achieving results.

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