Post-operative washing guide after Hair Transplantation with Dr. Can Aesthetic

BlogPost-operative washing guide after Hair Transplantation with Dr. Can Aesthetic

Post-operative washing guide after Hair Transplantation with Dr. Can Aesthetic

Hair washing after the hair transplant must be done correctly, but do not worry, today Dr. Can Aesthetic will inform you about this process since the success of its result is linked to following each of the recommendations given by Dr. Can.

How to wash after hair transplant?

The washing process after a hair transplant requires great care and you will be taught in Istanbul as the medical team will perform the first wash the day after the operation.

STEP 1 – LOTION (Dr. Can Aesthetic will provide it to you)

Apply a small amount of lotion to the receiving area with small taps, do not rub or rotate the area. Let it steep for about 15-20 minutes. DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH LOTION, this will make it easier to remove.


The pressure should be moderate and the water even better if it is cold. Rinse for 5 minutes, if any small traces of lotion remain, no problem, it will absorb by itself. Do not be afraid to touch, but do not press the area.

STEP 3 – APPLY SHAMPOO (Dr. Can Aesthetic will provide it)

Application in Receiving Area: Use a moderate amount of the foam and apply it in the area by tapping without exerting pressure.

Donor zone application: In the donor zone you can massage and touch WITHOUT FEAR. You may notice a burning sensation or slight pain, it is normal.


Let the foam act for 5 minutes and remove simply by dropping the water in the areas with the product. Do not press or rotate in the receiving area.


To dry you can use a good quality gauze or kitchen paper that does not leave residues. Do not apply pressure during drying.

During washing some scabs may fall with hair, it is normal, this does not mean that the follicle will be lost, it is already implanted in the skin. It is part of the process; it will fall and grow again. Scabs usually fall 7 to 15 days after the procedure.


From the tenth day after the hair transplant, the healing crusts will have formed, so it is important to remove them to allow the oxygenation of the follicles. With the fingertips when applying the lotion and mild massage shampoo without exerting pressure. You will see scabs and hairs; it is part of the process the follicular units will return to produce hair after a few months.

In the donor area, begin to massage to regain sensitivity. If you are itchy, you can use a small amount of lotion and leave it unclear. The helmet sensation on the head can last up to 8 months.


When the month is up, do the washes using your fingertips. Do not rub with a towel to dry and you can use a blow dryer with cold air. Hot dryer after approximately 6 months.


Remember that with Dr. Can Aesthetic you will have a follow-up after your hair transplant, therefore, if any question arises you can contact us and receive immediate advice.

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